New Camera and Underwater Housing

In preparation for our upcoming trip to New Zealand in March, we decided we needed a way to take quality images underwater.  Looking into a housing for our Canon 5D mk II or T2i though made us a little uneasy in both the price aspect ($1200+) and size (we need to fit it into luggage!).

I've been looking for a compact, carry anywhere, camera for some time now and decided now would be a great time to buy one.  The Canon G12 fit my needs well as far as image quality and features. 

Some deciding features:

  • RAW shooting
  • HD Video (thought not as 'HD' as our DSLRs)
  • manual controls (I throughly enjoy the new front dial for setting aperture (in Av) and shutter speed (in TV and M)
  • manual Exposure Compensation and ISO dials.

Things I don't like:

  • Viewfinder is bad.  Really really cramped, and no visual feedback on settings provided.  Practically impossible to use the camera with the screen closed against the body.
  • Lens seems a bit soft wide open. (from initial judgements)
  • If you shoot in only RAW, don't expect to be able to view the images in perfect detail. (When you zoom into the image you see obvious JPEG artifacts and the overall resolution is quite poor when compared directly against an in camera Large JPEG.  It is obvious that the camera does not attempt to process the RAW completely and bins pixels)
  • Can feel sluggish compared to using a DSLR.  Some things don't operate like on a DSLR, e.g. half pressing shutter button does not IMMEDIATELY pop up metered shutter and/or aperture settings, it only shows after it has attained focus confirmation.

I will reserve judgement on the underwater housing more until I actually get the chance to test it out in the water (i.e. Pool Test)

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