Good to be home. UPDATE

Good to be back in the good old rainy Seattle area.  Slept for a long time, and adjusting well after 37 hours of either on a plane or in an airport.  I begin the ordeal that is culling through the pictures I took.  I didn't do much editing on the road, but I edited a few and was disappointed to not get those edits when I imported them onto the desktop.  I guess I still have some things to learn in Lightroom.

New Zealand Sunrise

New Zealand Sunrise

UPDATE: Going through images, this is a 10 image panorama shot vertically with my 5DmkII. Initially I thought I was going to have to give up on it because I didn't meter and stick the camera on manual so there was some variation in exposure shot to shot (Av). However, I let Photoshop give it a try and PS does some amazing things with panorama stitching. Combined with some Edit->Transform->Warp, Content Aware Fill and cropping made quite a good looking panorama. Note that this was from the top of Auckland's Sky Tower.

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