Big Relaunch Update.

Today marks the start of the New Year, and as such I am releasing my new website.  The new site proudly includes quite a few unique features to help my clients, my friends, and of course myself keep track of photos and rankings.

Working features:

  • New galleries maintain their levels of "Picks", "Rejects", and Star ratings.
  • New security model, allows users to login and view their galleries.
  • New security model, allows users to login and view any gallery they have the code for.

Upcoming features:

  • Comments on photos. Per-Photo comments working!
  • Sorting and Filtering photos based on ranks/flags. Done!
  • User creation (as of now SBA is BETA) Signup now working!
  • User profile/gallery collections.
  • Section support, like having a wedding gallery broken up into "preceding", "ceremony", and "reception". Done!

I am really looking forward to seeing these features in action after developing them for so long.

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