Photographer Kaylie Kaylie is an avid lover of silhouettes, thinks children are the cutest photographic subjects, and knows the best photos happen in the moments between poses.

Acting as second photographer for Jared, she also captures video to create a special keepsake for their clients. Whether it's a wedding or a family photo, Kaylie knows that video of the session is something that will be treasured forever.

Photographer JaredFrom weddings to landscapes, Jared has photographed it all.

His love in life (second to Kayie, of course) is photography. If he isn't shooting, he's reading about it. And if he isn't reading about it, he's researching what gear will give their clients the best photographs.

As primary photographer, Jared is a master of lighting, editing, and posing (except for children, who he believes are creatures best captured in their natural state).